A Fresh(ish) Start

Screen Shot 2015-01-04 at 19.50.04After 3 seasons, I’ve decided to shelf my Sturm Graz save for a bit. Not so much because the save has become boring, but more because I feel I need a greater challenge. Sturm were probably the 4th best team in Austria when I took over, and it really didn’t take long to make them the best side in the country, thanks to the collective collapse of the Wien sides. This meant every season it’s just been Sturm vs. Salzburg for the title. Again, this isn’t boring, but I want to be in a league where it’s far more competitive, and far more of a challenge for me to become a top club, and win the league.

When I started the save, I also loaded the German league (to allow me to look at a large number of German players), and as time has gone on, that league has looked more and more interesting, leaving me feeling a real desire to move to a bigger league with more competition. Therefore, I holidayed until the end of the 17/18 season (my incompetent assistant finished 9 points behind RBS, that won’t happen when I return to the save), resigned from the Sturm job, and became unemployed. I looked around at the job market, and the only league that interested me was Germany. I’d loaded Spain and France as well. I’d have loaded Italy but I have played there on FM so many times. In particular though, I’ve never managed in Germany or Spain. But, Germany it was.

To explain why I wanted to play in Germany so badly, well, there’s several reasons. Pep was sacked either in the first or second season of the save, and replaced by Diego Simeone, who has since gone on to win the Champions League. Clearly holding a grudge, Pep took over at Schalke and started competing for the Bundesliga. Klopp has left Dortmund, but Cesare Prandelli has taken over, and created a side that features Reus, Immobile, Gundogan and Gabriel Barbosa in a 4-4-2. On top of that, Leverkusen are competitive, and won the league the season before I came to the league.