Recreating The Past – Brazil 1982 (1) are certain teams in the history of football that just stand out from the rest. These teams largely change from person to person, but there’s always a few that are in everyone’s. For me those teams are the Holland 1974 team (my favourite, but unfortunately impossible to recreate on the FM match engine), Pep’s Barca side in 2010, the 1970 Brazil side, and the Brazil 1982 side. Until a week or so ago, I’d never actually seen a full game of the ’82 Brazil team, but as is modern culture, I’d seen an abundance of videos, as well as documentaries of the players involved in the side, particularly Zico. I used to regularly try to recreate historical tactics on Football Manager (I had particular success recreating Catenaccio and Le Carre Magique on FM11), but it’s been something I’ve avoided on more recent versions, using elements of historical tactics I like within my own tactical framework.